2023 New Trend Bumper Car Price

The price of bumper cars varies depending on the bumper car. The manufacturer, and the country. Some factors that can influence the price of bumper cars include the materials used to construct the cars.

The size and capacity of the cars, the features and amenities included with the cars, and any additional accessories or customization options.Without more specific information. I’m unable to provide an accurate estimate of bumper car prices for a particular country.

Companies and bumper car current prices for you

21 Bumper Car price – $99 Website: Alibaba

It sounds like you are a company based in Zhejiang, China that specializes in providing children’s ride-on cars, including licensed toy cars and motorcycles. You have a team of 5-10 people and sell your products to various regions around the world.

You place a strong emphasis on quality and always conduct a pre-production sample check.You offer a range of services. Flexible delivery terms, multiple accepted payment options, and support for multiple languages. You are confident in the quality of your products. Potential buyers.

56 Black BC Price $155 Website: Amazon

The Kidzone Bumper Car is a 6-volt ride-on toy that allows children to spin in a full 360 degrees with joystick controls.It has a maximum speed of 0.75 mph, comes with a 6V rechargeable battery and charger. They recommend it for children aged 1.5 years and older, and no assembly is required – simply connect the battery wire and it is ready to go.

Red 26 BC Price – $249 Website : Wallmart

The Flybar 12V Battery Powered Bumper Car XL is a ride-on bumper car. They can accommodate two people, with a recommended age range of 6 years. Maximum weight limit of 175 lbs. It is powered by a 12V battery. Which provides power for the bumper car to move around.

The bumper car is designed with a sturdy frame. Durable construction. It is recommended for use on flat, smooth surfaces. It is likely to be a fun and exciting ride for children and adults alike.It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Green 23 BC  Price – $200 Website : Kidzone

Huge Yellow BC Price – $800 Website: Alibaba

Red Huge BC Price – $790 Website : Alibaba

Pink Motorcyle BC Price – $600 Website: Alibaba

What is kidzone bumper car age limit?

They design bumper car for young children.With a recommended age range of 1.5-6 years and a weight limit of 66 lbs.It has a sturdy plastic shell construction and equips safety features.

Safety belt and anti-flat tires to ensure the safety of the child. It has two driving modes – independent driving for children aged 1.5-3 years. Remote control for greater safety. I don’t require any assembly. I can easily connect the battery wire to start the fun.

why kids love bumper cars?

There are many reasons why kids may love bumper cars. B Cars provide a sense of freedom and independence, as children are able to control the movement of the car and navigate through a space.

The bright colors and flashing lights of many bumper cars can also be appealing to kids. They add to the overall sense of fun and excitement. In addition, bumper cars can be a social activity. Kids can ride with friends or siblings.

Overall, bumper cars offer a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

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