Bruce Willis stars in the action-packed film Detective Knight

Screen Rant presents an exclusive look at the highly-anticipated final chapter of the Detective Knight trilogy, Detective Knight: Independence, starring Bruce Willis. In this installment, Knight, who has regained his freedom and badge in Detective Knight: Redemption, faces his toughest challenge yet as a rogue vigilante takes control of a police uniform, gun, and EMT vehicle and wreaks havoc on the city.

Detective Knight: The Thrilling Action Trilogy

With the safety of the city and his own family at stake. Knight must use all of his detective skills to bring the killer to justice. Don’t miss this exclusive clip from Detective Knight: Independence, only on Screen Rant.

Detective Knight, a thrilling action trilogy, begins with Detective Knight: Rogue. The story follows the titular detective, played by Bruce Willis. He hunts a violent robbery crew from Los Angeles to New York. They nearly kill his partner, Eric Fitzgerald. But Knight’s actions cross a line. He loses both his badge and his freedom. In the second installment,

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Detective Knight: Rogue – The Beginning of the Detective’s Journey

Detective Knight: Redemption, Knight is given a chance to earn back what he lost. The NYPD needs his help to capture a murderous bank robber terrorist, and Knight agrees, earning his freedom by succeeding in his mission and becoming a cop once more. In the final chapter of the trilogy,

Detective Knight: Independence, the stakes are even higher. Knight must fight to protect both the city and his daughter. Detective Knight: Independence will be released in select theaters, on digital. And on video on demand on January 20, and on DVD and Blu-ray on February 28. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the conclusion of Detective Knight’s action-packed journey.

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