“Dances with Wolves” actor arrested on sexual assault charges in Nevada raid – Smiles a lot actor

Former Actor Nathan Chasing Horse Arrested in Nevada

Accused of Sexual Assault and Cult Leader of “The Circle”

Nevada police have arrested a former actor. Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse, on charges of sexual assault. Chasing Horse, who once played the role of Smiles a Lot in the Oscar-winning film. “Dances with Wolves,” is now known as Nathan Chasing Horse. He is believed to have been the leader of a cult known as “The Circle”.

Police Investigation and Raid

The arrest came after a months-long police investigation, initiated by a tip-off in October 2022. A raid was conducted at Chasing Horse’s home. Where he lived with his five wives, leading to his arrest.

Allegations Spanning Two Decades

According to authorities, Chasing Horse is accused of sexually assaulting young Indigenous girls over a period of two decades. The former actor gained a reputation as a medicine man. Who performed healing ceremonies and spiritual gatherings for Indigenous tribes across the US and Canada.

Police suspect that Chasing Horse used his position as a healer to commit abuse. Which is believed to have occurred in multiple states such as Montana, South Dakota, and Nevada.

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Victims as Young as 13

One of Chasing Horse’s wives was reportedly given to him as a “gift” when she was 15. And another became a wife after turning 16. While another became a wife after turning 16. Authorities accuse Chasing Horse of recording sexual assaults and organizing paid sexual encounters for other men.

Banished from Montana Reservation in 2015

Police banished Chasing Horse from a Montana reservation in 2015 because of allegations of human trafficking.

No lawyer has been allocated to Chasing Horse at the time of writing. He has not yet commented on the allegations.

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